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About Us

The concept for Herrada began in 2018 when one of the founders, Patricia, was unable to find an elegant handbag organizer to cope with her messy handbags.


Taking matters into her own hands, she decided to create her own organizer  aiming at both quality and sustainability. A stylish and luxurious product that doesn't compromise on it’s own functionality. The result is our one and only product; the Herrada handbag organizer.


“Herrada” is a Spanish word that can be loosely translated to “shoeing” - For example the shoeing on a horse or cattle. It strongly relates to what we at Herrada hold true to heart; the artisan nature of the brand. Designed in the UK, and handcrafted using only real leather and fabrics expertly selected in-house by our team, our products are made to look and feel premium and upscale.


This is why we’re confident you’ll love our handbag organizer - There’s nothing else like it!


Your perfect companion, within any handbag.