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Herrada Organiser
Herrada Organiser
Herrada Organiser
Herrada Organiser
Herrada Organiser
Herrada Organiser
Herrada Organiser
Herrada Organiser
Herrada Organiser
Herrada Organiser
Herrada Organiser

Herrada Organiser

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The Herrada Organizer features a plush, full grain leather exterior , with a polyester lined interior. It is soft and giving to the touch, and therefore requires you take good care of it! Over time, the leather will develop a unique look, feel, and scent which makes this piece a timeless essential. You'll be using it for years to come. 

 Soft, supple full grain leather exterior combined with a velvety polyester interior that will yield to the touch. You've never come across a handbag organizer as lux as ours. 

     An array of 17 pockets varying in sizes and shapes to fit all of your essentials (2 outside pockets not shown in below photos). We cater for (almost) all your belongings in one convenient place. 

      • Four individual pen holders. Take a quick note with no problems. 

         Large security pocket with zipper for your prized possessions. Protect your phone, wallet, sunglasses, makeup etc... It's generous with space!

          • Seamlessly interchangeable between your handbags. Stop wasting time moving your belongings from one purse to the other. With the Herrada handbag organizer, you can do it in one swift move.  

          Retractable handles to help you switch handbags easily. Cycle through your favorite handbags with no delays. With all your belongings in our organizer, you can be ready in a new handbag in 20 seconds or less. 

            • Integrated credit card and coin purse for efficiencyYour cards are conveniently at your disposal at all times. No more delays. 

              • Coin purse/keys clip to make your life easier. Keep your cards safe with you at all times, and never forget your keys again! 

                Messy handbags are a thing of the past! It's raining and can't find your keys? The train is here but guess who's struggling to find their wallet?! You've just thought of the greatest book plot ever. Creativity is running and you need to catch up! But wait, where's your pen and a piece of paper? 

                Stop succumbing to your poor handbag. It's trying it's hardest to help! It just needs a friend to show it the way. And what better acquaintance than the Herrada handbag organizer. 

                Your perfect companion. Within any handbag.  

                • Handmade with full grain leather
                • Fast worldwide shipping with tracking
                • Excellent reviews from happy customers

                  Product Specifications

                  Dimensions: Length - 26cm | Width - 10cm | Height - 17 cm

                  Weight: 495 grams

                  Exterior: 100% full grain leather

                  Interior: 100% polyester 

                  Color: Cement Grey/Sandstorm 

                  The Herrada handbag organizer is currently available in one colorway as of right now.

                  NOTE: We have made every effort to ensure all our colors are displayed as accurately as possible, however as our products are natural the colors in the leather may vary slightly depending on the batch. We cannot guarantee the color of the product is exactly as shown on the website.

                  All products are subject to availability. We will contact you as soon as possible if an item purchased is currently unavailable and will offer you the choice of waiting or cancelling your order.