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What are some things you can't leave home without?

What’s always inside your handbag? And most importantly, how do you maintain everything organized inside your handbag?

I love questions like these. I think they say a lot about the person of whom they’re asked. I, for example, always need to have a book on me. It doesn’t necessarily matter where I’m going or what I’m doing, but I feel like in running my day to day life, I always have that backup with me just in case I get stuck somewhere and need to kill time. Reading for me has always been the best way to escape the real world for a moment of time and completely integrate myself in someone else's. The big thing about books (for me anyways) is that they keep me off constantly scrolling on my phone with no purpose. In the next paragraph I speak about phones becoming an integral part of our everyday lives and playing a really big role in organizing our days. I think these functions are incredible and have become really quite essential to keep your head above the water, especially when you’ve got an overwhelming and busy schedule. However, I think phones are double-edged swords. It’s so easy to lose ourselves in the glitz and glamour of social media. Next thing you know, you’ve spent a good portion of your day cyber stalking people you don’t even know. And for what? This is why I think reading books is an absolute must! Super healthy for your mind and you’ll be learning so much.

Another big one is my phone (along with a charger). I think this is a given for most people these days. We’ve really become ultra-connected with each other through social media and technology. It’s not only that though. Your phone is like … Your digital life. It’s become your payment method instead of cash. Your socializing method instead of calling someone (nowadays most communication is via text). Phones are now a truly integral part of our everyday life. I’ve come to feel almost naked or lost if I don’t have my phone on me. I think lost is a great metaphor for this because of the accuracy and functionality of the maps features on phones. Who asks for directions or uses a paper map these days? I also recall – A few years ago, I would jot all of my activities down on a paper calendar that was hung up on my bedroom wall. It allowed me to really plan out my month according to deadlines and projects that needed to be completed by a certain date. It allowed me to be well organized ahead of time. Although I do miss this, it’s become a thing of the past. I now jot everything down on my phone or email calendar (they’re both connected so it doesn’t necessarily matter which) and I’d rather not think of what would happen if I didn’t have these features available to me. I’ve become so accustomed to the functionality they provide; I’d be in trouble without it!

Next on my list has to be makeup and accessories. My little mirror, brushes and my go-to palette and creams. You never know when you’ll need a slight touch-up right? This is a big one especially when you’re on the go. A small bottle of my favorite perfume is always with me as well. Nothing makes a better first impression than a nice, neat look whilst smelling as fresh as a daisy. I guess since we’re on the topic, lip balm and moisturizing cream is important for me as well. Especially during winter, when the wind blows, and it feels like it’s almost going to slice through you like a hot knife through butter; having a good moisturizing cream with you will feel like a shield against the brazen breeze.

Last but not least, my headphones. I feel like my phone’s utility is slashed in half without my headphones. Music moves me. The vibrations connect with my soul. It’s such an integral part of my day. Without the ability to listen to music (especially in high quality, with a great pair of headphones) I really feel incomplete. I have several playlists or music genres that I’ll listen to depending on the activity I’m doing throughout the day. Normally, I’ll read in the morning on the train. To go along with my reading, I’ve found an excellent playlist – “Midnight Jazz”. For me, it’s the perfect reading music. It allows me to get lost in my reading material whilst providing a sound barrier that blocks out the not-so nice ambient sounds inside the train. 

Tying it all together - The Herrada handbag organizer

How does this all come together? You can’t tell me you were just going to throw all those things (and more) straight into your handbag, right? Well, not anymore anyway. That’s right, here at Herrada, we’ve changed the game. We’re revolutionizing the modern handbag, by giving it a new best friend. One of those friends that’s all give. Those really generous ones who are always there, ready and willing to help with any issues you’ve got! Look, we can’t promise your Herrada handbag organizer will talk to you – but it’s got all the other qualities you’d want in a best friend. After you get yours, you’ll start to think it is.

I did some searching online and found a pretty nifty list of things I hadn’t thought of which I would say most women carry with them. In no particular order:

  • Safety pins
  • Band aids
  • Extra earring backs
  • Blotting papers
  • USB
  • Cardholder (We’ve got you covered!)
  • Snack
  • Phone charger
  • Stain eraser
  • Moisturizer
  • Zippered pouches (Again, we’ve got your back)
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Breath mints
  • Tissues

That’s about it for me. What do you think? I’d love to hear your thoughts below, letting me know some of the items you can’t leave home without, and how you always make sure they’re with you.

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