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A dilemma: The messy purse and how a handbag organizer changed my life

It all started on a freezing, foggy morning. A Tuesday morning. I've just conquered the Monday slump, but Tuesday was right there to put me back in my place. The week wasn't going anywhere yet. The alarm goes off at 06:20 AM and my body is just yelling at me to snooze it and stay in bed. Thinking back, I'm quite sure I had my quilt covering me up to my eyeballs. If you've ever lived in Sydney, you'll know about the kinds of mornings I'm talking about. Where all you'd wish you could do is stay home, make yourself a warm cup of Milo, and put on Mean Girls on Netflix. Ahh but one can dream.

So instead of waking up, what does this genius do? That's right, I hit snooze. I gave in. I told myself I'd just give my eyes a few minutes of "rest" and would be up and about by 06:30, cup of coffee in hand and ready to conquer the day. Right now, everything's black.

Then the harmonic sounds of the jackhammer from the construction site next door spring me to life. You know that moment when you realize that small "rest" you gave your eyes wasn't so small after all? That moment when your heart drops about 800 miles to the center of the Earth. At least it'd be warmer there. 07:45 AM. Yeah. I really missed it by that much.

Here's to the days when I was younger and could actually get dressed in about 5 minutes whilst eating a piece of toast and simultaneously brushing my teeth at the same time. That wasn't happening. What did happen though? I rushed. A lot. I had no choice right? Realistically I could've woken up instead of having snoozed my alarm but we're not going to sit here and argue about that right now. I thought I had perfected the art of the late wake up, totally frantic rush in which I still get everything right before leaving the house to work. But not this morning. 

Problem: The not-so easy handbag switcheroo

See, it was my small outfit crisis that I had before leaving the house which has led me to tell this story (really the Herrada story) today. Ladies, you'll understand me. That moment when you check yourself in the mirror before leaving, and everything's perfect except ... wait ... what's that? Your handbag doesn't match your outfit? That's really convenient. Right? Now I have to get everything, and shove it all in another handbag that does. Let me just spend some more of the time I already don't have in doing this annoying (and time consuming, oh so time consuming) task. To get to the point, for one reason or another, my house keys didn't make it into my other bag. At least I looked good though (small win, hell yeah).

Fast forward to the afternoon. It's raining ... Yeah it's quite heavy. There's wind blowing trees to the point where a few more gusts are going to send them to the next town over. But I'm excited. I'm excited to get home and live my morning's dream of warm Milo and Mean Girls. So I start rummaging my purse ... And? No keys to be found. My heart's back at the center of the Earth. Yes, it was cold, and rainy, and really quite miserable. I think this really instilled in my mind the fact that this could not happen again. It was time to find a way in which it wouldn't.

My solution: Herrada and the ultimate handbag organizer

After a few calls I find I'll be here for about 6 hours. Yeah, that many. With no car, I can't really get anywhere. And in this weather I'm not going anywhere. If this rain thinks it's getting anywhere near my hair, it's wrong. So I waited. I guess the waiting really got my mind working, because this was what lead not only to Herrada and the handbag organizer, but this cool little feature right here:


Switch handbags quickly and easily

No more cold days being locked out. No more messy handbags. Seamless switching between ALL of my purses. I'd (metaphorically) saved my own life. Now I'm here to save yours as well. Let me show you how it works;
It takes me about 15 seconds to move all my stuff from one handbag to the other. That’s all! Don’t believe me? Watch this:

And out the door you go!

I know what you’re thinking right now. How is this possible? Immaculate, tidy handbag. And the best part? I can rotate and use as many handbags as I want! This was a big one for me. I personally own approximately 17 handbags. I’ve tried researching how many the average woman owns. Let me tell you; There’s a big discrepancy in numbers. Some studies state as few as 7, whilst other publications and blogs talk about 16. Some women answering questions in Quora talk about their friends having 30. My point here is that as ladies, a big part of our outfit is our handbag matching our outfit, right?

Here’s the problem: I found that out of the 17 handbags I own, I was constantly cycling through my 3 or 4 go-to favourite handbags that I know go well with everything. But what about all those other ones? The 12 or so that are just sitting there idly waiting to be picked up? Truthfully, I wasn’t showing them any love. And it feels bad. I know that on some days it would be much better for me to go for one style over another. But my laziness and lack of time gets to me! In situations like the one I mentioned above, there is no time. I found that this was occurring more and more often. It takes a while to move everything things from one handbag to the other, often forgetting some important items and having your day ruined (exhibit A right above).

And the kicker is, when you pull this bad boy out, you’ll be looking all class. Full grain leather exterior. Wowie. Trust me when I say – No one has ever seen or felt a handbag organizer like this before. Its so plush you could fall asleep on it (please don’t try that). But don’t take my word for it! Do yourself a favour and grab one while they’re still in stock (I can’t promise that will be too long).

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